Dear Miranda, You’re putting me to shame.

I read your note and decided you pretty much explained it all (and made the format look so damn good) so instead I’ll just post my reply!

It’s 2014, B! And you are right, I am fucking excited. I have so many resolutions. ALL THE RESOLUTIONS! I hope you want to hear them because I’m going to share them. But first… I am going to recap on last years.

My Resolutions for 2013 were as follows:

1. Lose 20-30lbs.
This has been a long hard road full of calorie counting, nutrition label reading, and the dreaded…gym time. And in all honestly would never have hit my target weight if it wasn’t for my divorce launching me into “I’LL SHOW YOU! I’M GUNNA BE SMOKIN’ AND YOU’LL BE SORRY!” mode.  I am now 34.5lbs down and weigh the same amount as I did when I was 20. I really feel like a bad ass.

(I will be posting something for you soon that is basically like a guidebook. Its also a reminder to me what I need to be doing and what I have fallen short on lately.)

2. Pay off Debt
Once again… this only happened because of the divorce. I paid my half of things and wiped my hands of it. I am debt free.

3. Drink more Water
I started carrying water with me everywhere and it really helped with my weight loss. I need to be doing that again this year!

4. Be a more positive person
Don’t laugh people. Miranda may be one of the few people who can actually see this. I was am an extremely cynical human being and can just generally be a bitch. However. I am about 100X more tactful then when I met Miranda and this past year I decided to make my life better for ME. And I did. This ranged from small things like not counting my tips so I wouldn’t be petty to those who didn’t tip well at work, all the way to leaving a relationship I felt stagnant and unhappy in.

Anyways. Those were the old ones. Here are the new ones! Please help me with these.

1. Keep Up with the Health thing.
Meaning take my ass back to the gym and don’t be a slacker because I reached my goal. I need to start juicing again too so as to get some more veggies in.

2. Take a BIG trip.
I have the plans and I’m working on the funds. I’m doing this damn it!

3. Start an IRA and a savings fund.
Time to grow up I suppose.

4. Drink more Water.
I took my water bottle with me to work today and need to keep doing that. It really helps.

5. Be more positive/happier.
This is especially true for work. I made a dent last year but this year I want to make a bigger one. On the plus side I laid down the law today and told my coworkers I was going to try hard to only have positive energy at work. They all decided to join in as well so now I am the ring leader… which is almost laughable, but hey… it means they believe we can do it. I think we are all tired of the negativity.

6. Make time.
For Faith, Emily, Friends, Family, ect.  Miranda love, we are taking the children to the zoo together this year. We are also going to bribe Matt one day and have a girls night. I don’t know when yet, but I WILL make time for it.

7. Write more. Dance more. Sing more.
I miss writing. Both blogs and in my nine million journals. I don’t know why I ever gave it up, but no more! Same for dancing. I miss it. I am going to do it more. Even if it’s just at home when no one is watching. And singing. I sing to Emily in the car every morning… but its not enough! (This stuff falls into more positive/happy) The best thing about me is how passionate I am… I want to indulge my passions in life instead of losing them like I was.

8. Make new friends.
The introvert in me is crying right now and I feel a bit like having a panic attack.

9. Don’t kiss all the boys.
Let’s be real. After 11 years… I am STOKED to be single. After the ups and downs and what not right after the divorce I feel like I have finally evened out and now that I realize that I NEED to just do me for a while. I need time to grow in myself and figure out how to do things with out a partner. It’s terrifying… but recently I realized it was also exhilarating.  I. Am. Single. I can flirt with out guilt. I can go on a casual date. Or not. I can paint my toenails black and not shave my legs for a week. Or I can doll myself up and go out. I have lots of time to do fun stuff with Emily. I don’t have to share. I’M FREE, I’M FREE, I’M FREE! 

*slaps self*

But in all seriousness it’s tempting to go crazy. However. That’s a bad idea. So I shall keep my crazy under control. And not date anyone more than casually until my birthday in 9 months. Or possibly never… because single isn’t so bad right now.

By the way is people haven’t figure out how seriously flawed I am we are by now, they clearly aren’t reading.

About the Blog-Authors
I dig the idea of doing each others, but you give me to much credit. Seriously, B. I love you. Ok here goes.
Everyone… If you do not know Miranda yet, you are really fucking missing out. This chick is like a ray of sunshine in my life. She exudes the sort of positivity I want to have. She see the bright side in things I miss. Don’t get me wrong. She has bad days, too. It’s hard not to when you have a real life. She is a mommy to a very active and adorable little boy, a wife, and a student.
And I’m going to derail my train of thought for a moment to talk about the student thing.
Miranda. I am SO proud of you.
I know how your brain works, because it’s how my brain works and I know that you worry about people thinking your a quitter or what not because you have changed your mind about what you want to do more than once. But can I just say that, that makes my heart swell! You ALWAYS follow your dreams. If you start something and your heart isn’t in it…you don’t do it!
That takes SO much courage.
Seriously. It’s hard to be like “So… I changed my mind,” because people are ass holes and roll there eyes and look at you like your irresponsible. I KNOW you are a hard worker. I remember when you were busting ass every day at Best Buy. So fuck everyone and there stupid opinion. If you change your major 1000000000000 times I will always cheer you on cuz at the end of the day all that matter is your happiness. (Though I do think English suits you and you will one day be a rich and famous Author!)
Anyway… back to her sometimes having bad times. She and I seem to swing from really high highs to really low lows, but she is always there when someone else is having a low. She is always willing to listen and reach out. It’s the compassion in her that I think stands out the most. She is REAL and will always try and give you a fair outlook from ALL angles. Its refreshing. She is probably the only person who can message me and say “Hey… you’re being a little bitchy. Are you ok?” because when she asks I know she is genuinely worried about me and not just being catty.
Also Miranda is a general bad ass gamer. We share a love for healers. And roleplay. Man…. Miranda, please don’t tell these guys how bad my RP was back on WoW when I didn’t know anything.
This B is a perfectionist in the best way as you can see by this blog… which she did ALL the work to make look pretty. She comes in here bragging about my art, but don’t let her fool you, she is an artist as well and has an eye for composition. OH… right… and her writing. Is amazing. She puts us other RP’s to shame. She is fun to be around and does not think herself to cool to enjoy some tabletop games with me!
I could go on and on, but to sum it up Miranda is one of the best friends anyone could wish for and I hope you all get to know her better from this blog.
Thanks for setting this up Miranda. I will get off my lazy bum and put up a profile soon, I swear! 
Also… I am very anxious to hear YOUR New Year’s Resolutions if you have any.


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