Dear Catie, I’m pretty sure I got a job.

I didn’t exploit the information that I was even applying for one to everyone because of whatever reason I thought it was a good one at the time, but alas, yesterday I triumphantly peed in a cup that I have a 100% chance of passing since I do 0% of drugs, any time or anywhere. Thus, when they get the test results early-to-mid next week, I will officially be a receptionist.

Can I just say that I am the perfect person for this job? Let’s just do the checklist because I like lists:

  • Talking to people
Let’s just go ahead and put a check here. You know why.
  • Sit at a desk
You should also know why this is a plus.
  • While the customer always comes first, during down times, I am permitted to work on homework. (This from the mouth of my hiring interviewer, offered by him before I mentioned school at all.)
Um. Check. Check. Check. You asked me when I first told you I may have a job if I even wanted one, and I am pretty sure I’m correct in assuming you were concerned about my studies and how concerned I would be about them, on top of a new job! Why would I want a job right now?! Thus, I made this post to explain, and to brag, and to talk about the awesomeness of being a reception. There will be many more posts each day I discover something new that I love about being a receptionist. Anyhow, rest assured that I will be permitted to work on my school work WHILE at work. And did I mention I get paid for it?
Being a receptionist is kind of one of my bucket list things. It’s something that in every aptitude test I’ve ever taken, it has been suggested near the top. Now, many people would think, “Dude, you just got recommended for a job at the bottom of the food chain.” Uh, yeah, I did, but it’s something I am GOOD at. I get to work with people on a professional level, dress business casual, and get my own shit done at the same time. I get to work at a desk! I GET TO SIT DOWN. HELLO, WE HAVE A WINNER!
Seriously, though, I am pumped because not only do I get to do these things, but… If I am allowed to do HOMEWORK at the desk… That means I can get some WRITING done, too!
Really, though. I’m super pumped. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Saturday are going to be fun, and I can still work out around the clock because the schedule doesn’t rotate and is always set, thus making me a routine, indestructible force of awesome.

2 thoughts on “Dear Catie, I’m pretty sure I got a job.

  1. First of all, you crack me up. Hilarity has in fact ensued. Secondly CONGRATS! That sounds like a completely bad ass way to make some extra cashola very very easily. You should be great at this and honestly you will probably get more homework done there then at home with kid and husband. I always had to leave the house to study. GOOD WORK B!


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