Dear Miranda, Life… it happens.

Man. Sometimes life just really gets in the way of living, if ya know what I mean. All I want to do is fucking blog and RP and travel the world and take my little one to the park… but all this other bullshit gets in the way. I’m not going to school so I cant say I feel your pain there, but I am working a lot. Like. A lot. A lot. I’m so ready for my mini vacation this Friday I can hardly even stand it.

Anyway I think weight watchers can be a really good program. Its basically calorie counting, only they do all the work for you. I mean I know that’s not exactly true but the points system is really not that much different then looking for calories and fat and carbs, ect. The trick is to pay attention and once you complete how ever long you are gunna do it for to CONTINUE to apply it to your life even after.

And honestly I think the weekly meetings are a great accountability tool and you should defiantly do that one… if you will actually go to them. personally I feel like learning good eating habits is step one so even if you cant swing the gym at the same time I would do the weight watchers.

Also… “we are financially stable. By that, I mean, if I am out shopping once a month and I see a cute damn top, I can buy said top without crying my eyes out with buyer’s remorse, because we have got it! We’re good. It’s a feeling that is so unreal. I am still waiting for the floors to be ripped from beneath me on this.”

Can I just take a moment to talk about this. Ya know… I know I don’t pay rent right now and that is huge. I only have a few bills and then of course anything that has to do with my daughter, but Over the past few months as a single woman… I realized that I am not at ALL as bad with money as I once thought I was. As a matter of fact I am really fucking good with money. I have more money in my bank account right now then I EVER HAD WITH SHEA AND I’s COMBINE. Because dear sweet jesus… that man is HORRIBLE with money.

I have been able to save, take trips, plan ahead. I have had over $1200 in random STUFF come up (unexpected bills, medical bullshit, ect)… all of which I have been able to pay with out a problem. And suddenly it occurs to me…as I use the money I have made in tips instead of my card to buy Emily’s diapers and me a new lipstick… that I have my shit together after all.

Anyways. I love your face. I have been busy too. We will both start writing again. Keep me updated on the weight watchers thing.

❤ -Catie


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