Dear Catie, I am shamelessly going to plug my personal blog on our joint blog.

Why? Because we have readers, duh. I’d like to think at least 50% of the readers enjoy what I write, and thus, may want some more of it.

Do you? Do you want some more of it? Right now, it is everything transferred over from I used to have a blog there, but the options were very limited unless you paid, unlike google’s (Just sayin’. Not trying to advertise for Google, because I’m certainly not making money off of it, but the options significantly outweigh the ones on wordpress.)

So, if you see text in bright white, that’s because I C&P’d from another blog. The newer posts will not be white, thus you will be able to tell what is not C&P’d.

What’s the Atkeisson blog for, you may ask? Well, it’s going to be a lot of the attitude I write on this blog.. but just me. It won’t be introduced as a letter to Catie. (Though, I am toying with the idea of writing the blog from the perspective of “Dear Miranda of Yesterday” as sort of a motivation to look at myself and how I”ve changed even from just one day to another. i.e., had a bad day the day before? I’ve slept since and can make sense of it and write a letter to myself of yesterday that it was pretty shitty, but look at THIS. My hopes is that it would enhance that positive thinking thing. You know? What do you think?)
I will encourage comments, emails, private messages. Anything you want, let it be said on that blog. I will, however, be graphic sometimes, say what I want, hold little back while sticking to the truth, and everything will 100% be me, mine, and not yours to debate. (Yours, as in, anyone challenging my right to speak what I want. Not you, readers, or you, Catie.)
Anyhow. Goodnight!

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