Dear Catie, Resolutions Three Month Review

Miranda’s Resolutions in Review

Apologize only when I regret. 


Be positive.

Yes. Yes. Yes.
No more sodas.

No more fast food.

Plan ahead on school work. 

I AM KICKING ASS. Seriously. Homework is getting DONE, and I have an A in every class. 
Write for 30 minutes, every day.
Technically, I do this because of creative writing. However, I am not getting anything done on my won book, currently. I am finally in the ‘Fiction’ section of my Creative Writing class, though, and learning soooo much. Glad I took this before I decided to start writing that book.
Work out.


God, God, God.
I have signed up and attended my first meeting of Celebrate Recover: Women’s Study. I go on Wednesday nights, and while I am sworn to confidentiality (thus I can’t tell you anything about anyone else), I can technically talk about myself / the questions / my answers. I’m not sure, however, if I want to offer them. It’s a deep, very beneath the skin study. It won’t be done until Christmas 2014. (Yes, it’s 9 months.) I am excited, though. I can always do more here, but I am also speaking to Him more than ever.
Love you, B.


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