Dear Miranda, Happy NaBloPoMo!

So I know that you know that it’s NaNoWriMo, but its also NaBloPoMo and I thought I would kick it off with a post since I have been absent for some time.

As you know I have been working my tail off at High Sky. I have to tell you that I absolutely LOVE those kids. They wear me out and the job isn’t always easy but it is SO SOO rewarding. I really and truly make a difference. “My” kids need the same things all kids do and when one of them runs up and squeezes you or asks you to read them a bed time story your heart just melts.

It’s a lot more meaningful then massage therapy, that’s for sure. I miss my clients, but I’m far more useful doing this and I can’t imagine going back. Its funny to think about the long and winding path that led me here.

The thing is… I love my job SO much that I have volunteered to do fair amount of unpaid stuff as well. Currently I’m serving as a middle man for “Rays of Hope” (a children’s grief center) and High Sky to facilitate a partnership of sorts,  I’m trying to find extracurricular organizations (karate, dance, gymnastics, ect.) that would be willing to donate time to come out and teach the kids for free or extremely discounted prices, and lastly, my biggest project of all is to try and get churches or other organizations to let us come and talk to there congregation about adoption, fostering to adopt, and fostering.

We have so many kids and so few homes for them.

Anyway between doing that I’m also trying to do all the day to day stuff that has to get done while spending time with Emily and Zac. If I can find a way to squeeze it in then I spend time with friends here and there too, though that’s a lot harder as I have to scheduled out in advance and that’s hard for lots of people to do (especially if they have kids). Basically I live out of my planner.

Anyway, I miss you and love your face. I’ll try and be better about keeping you updated on here, but you know how that goes.  ❤ -Catie


One thought on “Dear Miranda, Happy NaBloPoMo!

  1. Let’s play a game, Catie.

    You keep up your promise to NaBloWriMo and I will keep up my promise to NaNoWriMo. Deal?

    It keeps me motivated, but also keeps me updated on my dove’s life since I can’t be with you. ❤

    Love you lots,

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