Dear Miranda, I know what I want for Christmas.

Today my friend Becca came over for a couple hours and we were lamenting the fact that we are so stinking busy that we literally have to schedule two hour time slots to see each other. Adulthood.

We also were talking about how the last six months have been totally insane for me. Basically everything in my life has done a headspin. Really…realistically that past year has been this way. A total hailstorm of change. The only constant being that there isn’t any constant. To be truthful, it’s exhausting.

Looking back I’m pretty proud of myself for continuing to dog paddle through everything because sometimes it really feels like  I am about to drown. So I’ve decided that all I want for Christmas this year is a few months of CALM. A few months were nothing changes. No job changes or relationship/friendship changes, not even a house change. That’s right… while I do want to move into a place of our own desperately need a few months of just nothing.

I hope Santa brings me a freakin’ break.



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