Dear Miranda, sometimes I feel like a hamster.

Or a Rat. Whatever.

The other day you asked me something along the lines of, “When you are a teenager everyone tells you not to worry, it will get easier when your an adult, but what do you tell people who are adults…namely those in their twenties.”  And my response was “Don’t worry, shit is supposed to be fucked up in your twenties, it gets easier when you are in your mid thirties.”

I really hope I’m not talking out my ass because sometimes I feel like my life is and endless wheel of the “same shit, different day” and I get sick of running to keep up. I want so bad to just not care and not plan for the future and just “let things happen”. But that is just SO not me. I am not that person. I an not Mellow.

I repeat. I AM NOT MELLOW. Sorry.

And I know I sound like a broody teenager right now, but I get frustrated reliving bits and pieces of my life over and over. It’s almost like I keep having to do the same shit over and over and over in life until I get it right. Maybe I am. Maybe that’s what God does. He just hits reset on the parts you need to work on… but I clearly am not learning because as I said… its always more of the same.

Help me be more grateful. Quick!



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