My 13 meditations.

·       I am in charge of my life.

·       I will NOT make how I feel depend upon others.

·       I choose how I feel (given the absence of organic dysfunction).

·       I will become aware of my feelings and those of others in my transactions.

·       If I am appropriately considerate I will not be overly sensitive or protective of others or my own feelings.

·       I am not responsible for the way others feel.

·       Taking care of my wants, my feelings, and my needs is up to me, and to put these first is not being selfish (unless I manipulate and discount others), but necessary for my wellbeing, both physical and emotional.

·       I can choose to feel good and to stay with good feelings about myself and others regardless of what the past has been.

·       I can take care of my feelings by learning to confront myself and others when I allow their behavior to upset me or infringe upon my rights.

·       When others “hurt” my feelings, I decide how to feel and how long I will feel that way.

·       I need not accept any “put-downs”.

·       I can allow others to feel very differently about the same situation without taking it personally.

·       I am the one who determines the meaning of my life and my happiness.


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