Dear Miranda, Sometimes text on paper (or computer) is a fail.

After reading you last post I couldn’t help but feel like a child who was being scolded. I’m 98% sure that was not at all your intent but just the same way I may have accidentally taken your words can out of context because I didn’t have the speech patters and tone of your voice to rely on I wonder if perhaps it has been feeling the same for you with me. So just in case let me clear the air (and if not, the second half of this post is about books so just skip this bit).

I often ask about how you and Matt are doing for two primary reasons. The first one you pegged. I am not there and I have literally no idea what all goes on in your day to day life. It’s just general curiosity. The second is your relationship, whomever it is with, is going to be a pretty major part of your life, effecting many aspects, so anytime I talk to ANY of my friends I always ask for a status update. “How’s it like being single?” “Are you still seeing that scuba instructor?” “How is So&So doing?” I’m not asking because I’m expecting that things have changed or that I’m looking to catch someone in a lie. I’m not even looking for gossip and it doesn’t matter I you’ve been together 2 days or 20 years I’d still ask, all the same.

I genuinely apologize if I accidentally came of as unbelieving or doubtful. That’s not at all how it would have sounded if you had been able to hear my voice. I love that you and Matt are back together (You know I always have considered him a friend as well) and it makes me smile every time you say you are doing well.

I can see how me asking what y’all are working on or how y’alls communication is going might come across as skepticism. It isn’t. As you said, you two are a little too mature and realistic for the “honeymoon” stage and I simply am making conversation. You certainly don’t have to tell me any of the “little stuff”, though I hope you don’t mind me telling YOU the small stuff. I love my husband dearly, but sometimes he does things that bug me and I need to vent or I need insight or I just need to process my thoughts. Likewise sometimes I struggle with figuring out how my behavior is affecting him. Sometimes just like you, there isn’t really anything to report. Since growth is pretty core to who I am though, that’s rare. If we aren’t working on something(s) as a couple, then I am working on ME.

Anyway I hope this clears things up a bit. I don’t doubt yall are doing awesome and I’m really really happy for you. I’m not hunting for something negative when I ask how yall are doing. That’s fantastic that yall changed together in such a sync way.

So the OTHER thing I was going to write to you about was I was curious if you have a particular method when you choose the order in which you read books? I ask because I have to put a lot of thought into it. For example the book I just finished was an easy read verbiage wise but it was extremely thought provoking and mentally taxing, leaving me with so much to think about. As a result of that it would be a poor idea for me to read anything very “deep” at this point and time, simply because I’m still digesting the other book. If I started reading something to heavy I would end up feeling burnt out and would put the book down. For me that’s a killer. If I stop reading a book partway through I almost never finish it again. So right now I’m thinking that I’ll read some fantasy. I’ll let you know if I read anything good.

❤ Kettle


One thought on “Dear Miranda, Sometimes text on paper (or computer) is a fail.

  1. Stick with your gut, b. There is absolutely no problem with you asking me how I am doing. I was only cautioning the boring response in the case that nothing drastic has happened – because thankfully, nothing drastic has happened since. It’s pretty nice.

    As for books… A later post.


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