About the Blog

Otherwise known as, “Our Very First Post Ever.”

It’s the second day of 2014, Catie! Are you freaking excited? I know you are, because you are the Resolution Queen! Anyhow, among those resolutions, you and I decided it would be a cool idea to have the conversations we share on a public forum because struggling is awful, but knowing you are alone in your struggle is the worst. Now, we aren’t going to make this blog an entire ‘times are hard’ digest! We will have many words of encouragement and some awesome news as things happen in our ever changing and rapidly growing lives, but the main thing we intend to keep is: Keeping it Real. This and other topics I’ll discuss today will be the highlights, lowlights, and other things to know about our blog in this obligatory ‘We Just Made a Blog’ post!

Keeping it Real:

  • Catie and I (Miranda) are real people, in the real world, with real challenges and struggles, triumphs and ‘bragging-rights’ stories.
  • We won’t be sugar coating anything. If you can’t handle the fire, stay further back away.
  • We won’t be down-right rude and bitch about / spread rumors about people like Gossip Girl. That’s not what this is. This is about us, about people we love and care for, and other, MORE IMPORTANT things. (Though, I personally enjoy a good episode or two of GG…)
  • You know those people who have awesome lives with awesome pictures and smiling, inspiration faces and winky emoticons on every thing they do and you basically wish you could be as happy as these seemingly perfect people? Yeah, you won’t find that here. As if we didn’t make this clear enough yet, Catie and I are real people, and will keep it real (and imperfect.) For sure. 
  • Moral Absolution has no place here. Don’t bring your judgments when you click on this blog or it’s comments button.

Why do the Blog?

  • I feel like there are other people out there who are like us and can relate to at least something from this blog that we say. If they happen to stumble upon this blog, find a post that explains their situation or inspires them or in some way makes them feel like they can keep on rolling… Then it’s an honor for Catie and myself to have given them such a thing. I thought about this blog and knew there was few people who would be better qualified than Catie. We are both going through so much, yet it’s so different for both of us. We need all the help we can get. Doesn’t everyone?
  • We are freaking hilarious (or at least we think we are), and we hope you’ll smile.

About the Blog-Authors

Because I’m interested in what you’ll have to say, I wonder if it would be a little fun if instead of talking about ourselves, we talked about each other in this section? Here goes!

Seriously, guys, Catie is Wonder Woman. She’s a working, single mother of one very gorgeous Emily (almost 3 years old!) who struggles each and every day of her life. Even on her ‘good days’, she’s fighting to have it. On her ‘bad days’, she knows where to find help. She has completed her last year’s resolution of losing weight and has met her target weight! Hellooooo Hot Mama!

Catie games, and if she hadn’t, we never would have met. We met back in World of Warcraft and just-so-happened to live only a matter of hours away from each other. Since those 4 years ago, we’ve met up quite a few times and hung out. We’ve played WoW, SWTOR, GW2, and are anxiously awaiting TESO‘s release. Oh, by the way, she’s a role player. Another big plus on my boat, because role playing is my hobby. Catie is also artistically inclined. Maybe she’ll post some fantastic pictures for you that she’s created, but this woman knows no limits it seems to me when creating a work of art.

Oh, and she’s a health-nut. I mean, how else would she accomplish her weight loss and assist me on my own struggle to lose weight? The lady is a BAMF and I will often refer to her as ‘b’. (It means ‘Bitch’ and only I can call her that.)

If you follow the blog, Thank You. I hope you enjoy your stay. In conclusion, this:

(click to enlarge. note: will not work on body parts.)

Thanks for reading, Catie. As per usual, I eagerly await your reply.




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