Dear Catie, I’m going to plug Epic Rap Battles of History.

So, Catie, this happened. I don’t even know how to twitter. Not really. But I follow @TheEpicLLOYD and @nicepeter – two guys who JUST SO HAPPEN to make those Epic Rap Battles of History videos on youtube. NO BIG DEAL, but they’re a BIG DEAL. Anyway, the BIG DEAL is that as you can see EpicLLOYD just retweeted me. ME. He saw my tweet, thought to himself, “Heckyass” and clicked a button that posted it to his wall – where all of his fans then began to click ‘favorite’ (which is like a ‘Like’ on Facebook) and ReTweet (which is like a ‘share’ on Facebook) it.

For about fifteen minutes now, I have been jumping up and down as my phone blows up from all of this commotion, squealing like a girl you know squealed when we were that close to Dan from Bastille. Just the same. I’m a big deal.

omgomgomgomgomgomg. Anyhow, here’s some plugs of my favorite ERBs by them!


By the way, in my humble opinion, Bonnie and Clyde won because the other pair died first. But as far as favorite lyrics go, I loved Juliet’s more!



This is my second favorite, because JennaMarbles owns him.



As much as I don’t seem to be a fan of his movies, Quentin Tarantino and Michael Bay won this one for best lyrics. “I’m a bad m*er f*er from the wallet to the penis!” and Michael Bay… Well, just watch it. (:



Mr. Rogers schools him, hands down.


Love you bunches. Highlight of my weekend, being retweeted by EpicLLOYD. (By the way, he was Clyde in the first video, Alfred Hitchcock in the third, and he’s the mail man/ police man/ others in the fourth. OH AND HE’S ADAM IN THE SECOND.)