Dear Miranda, Here is all you ever wanted to know about Juicing.

Juice! It’s magic!  Ok, not really, but it is pretty cool and also pretty easy to explain so this will be a short post.


For me jucing is the easiest way to get in a few extra servings of veggies, especially dark leafy greens that are really good for you.

Basically this is how juicing works.

You want to get in more veggies and or you want to replace a meal/snack.

You get some veggies and or fruit of your choosing (usually I do a dark green like kale or spinach, lemon, an apple).

You stuff them in your juicer and BAM. Instant Vitamins and nutrients your body really needs that you don’t get enough of in a much more manageable way then just trying to randomly eat all that shit raw… because really the likelihood of you (read: me) eating half a bunch of kale raw is pretty damn slim. However I WILL drink my kale when its mixed with something more palatable like an apple and lemon to cut the bitterness.

ALSO and this is sort of a BIG reason to juice. While taking a multivitamin is great, your body will always absorbed raw nutrients better then what you are going to get in a pill.

Juice you by at the store has been filtered and processed and pasteurized… which is ok if you want like say apple juice that you intend to use for the kiddo for a few weeks. However a lot of the vitamins have basically been burned out and then readded in a difference form… think of it like microwaving something and then taking a multivitamin with it. So basically your missing some of the goodness that is in an apple if you were to juice it at home and drink it right away.


The downfalls of juicing are this. Its sort of a hassle to clean your Juicer (but not really), you need to drink what ever you juice with in a day or so because its much more susceptible to growing bacteria (also not a big deal, I only juice what I am going to drink right then) and lastly it is sortof expensive… which you will notice is a trend with all things that are healthy. Produce is expensive and so is juicing, but IMHO its worth it.

If you wish to know more then you have but to ask.

❤ Catie