Dear Catie, Today I woke up failing.

Literally typing this from my phone. I can’t get out of bed. That’s how much this failure is weighing me down.

I haven’t worked out since the 3rd and it’s now the 6th. I was eating fine yesterday and then made spaghetti at 1am. I need to go to the school today and get my books and was going to work out on the way home, but then realized I don’t have clean clothes to even g err t out of the house because my laundry is everywhere, waiting to be done. On top of that, Matthew wants to go so he can sign up for classes which means I wouldn’t be able to just work out on the way home and I’d have to come all the way back to the gym which is 20 miles away from my house. And then we are going to my In – laws house to eat at 5:30-6 so if I claim going to get ANY THING I want done today I need to get a move on and I just…

I just can’t function. I know I won’t get what I want done and so I don’t want to do anything. (Hello, completionist/perfectionist)

Can’t get out of bed. Feeling too much fail. Send help.