Dear Catie, It’s Nobody’s Business, But Here’s My Last Six Months In Gifs. (Featuring Emma Stone and the cast of Easy A)

 I mean, not really. I’m figuring it out for the most part and I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come thus far in the journey. But, still. Here’s a quick series of gifs that explain how I feel, despite feeling all of this and having select few people who know little or nothing about me ask me how I’m doing, because… Let’s face it. They’re not doing it out of my best interest. They want the scoop, the dish, and the gold medal of being a friend ‘whose shoulder I can cry on, if I want to.’ Thanks.

When I made the decision to separate, and told close-to-me people. Thanks for the vote of confidence that I have an idea of what my life is like, and what it isn’t.

Which brought this on:

The gold-trophy-award-friend who gives me a shoulder to cry on to win said award (and gossip):

When I go on a date (since our separation):

I mean, dang. How do you really feel about me and my life decisions?

Because I’m tired of hearing this:

One thing I’ve learned about people who are divorced (and those who end up as single parents like myself), is to not be so judgmental. It’d be great if others did the same for me, you know, if you wanna be friends that is.:

So now, on my days off (Sundays), this is me… By myself… Being awesome:

And finally:

Love you, Catie. I’ll end with this:


Dear Catie, Resolutions in Review: One Week

Catie, I know it’s actually been more than a week. MY BAD. Thursdays are when I will be regularly doing these things, so pretend this was posted back on the 9th instead of the 14th and we’ll be fine. I’ll post again for week two in two days.

Miranda’s Resolutions in Review

Apologize only when I regret. 

I’m actually doing fantastic at this one. I have very few comments other than maybe people are taking me a bit more seriously since, when I DO apologize, they know I mean it. Because I don’t apologize so often any more. I love it. That, and feeling like for once I can have confidence in my own voice and my points of view? Priceless.

Be positive.

I think that for the most part, I am doing this. Along with being more confident in myself, however, I find myself preventing the situation of my potential depression. For example, I recently had to tell my room mate what-for because they were going to cause us, for the third time, to go way over on our internet limit, thus creating overage charges for Matthew and I, and on the third time we do this, they put it against our credibility. HELLO-NOPE. So, since I knew if it reached that, I could be devastated, I took this new confidence and made damn sure my room mate knew what they apparently didn’t understand the first time we had this conversation. So, yes, I am more positive, and it’s being so that led me to being able to do that instead of curling up in a ball in my room, shaking because I didn’t want to confront the problems in my life, I just wanted them to go the fuck away.
No more sodas.

I have done this. I have had three sodas since New Year’s Day. I took home a liter given to me from my in-laws and drank it and I have ordered a Dr. Pepper twice when eating out. However, I don’t have ANY at home, and when asked, I beg for water first.
No more fast food.

Before I got my job, I was doing fantastic at this. I really fucking wanted Whataburger one day and chose Panera Bread instead (salad). I’ve done that twice now, choosing Panera over Whataburger. It’s fucking hard. However, since I got my job, I have eaten Chik-fil-a twice both while on the way to work to feed me before I work without a break. Also, on Harry-Potter-Thon, my friend Anna brought us Chicken Express for dinner, her treat. But other than these occurrences, I have been fantastic. ::flexes::
Plan ahead on school work. 

It’s kind of difficult to do this one before school comes out (21st), however, I have already gotten my books and was debating reading two of them before class. (For Creative Writing, I have a How to: Short Stories, and How to: Poems). So this is still a ‘GO.’
Write for 30 minutes, every day.
I have been slacking, but it’s only because I have been so damn busy. New job, helping work on the lake house, going out, going to a party, having a HP-thon… But when routine settles back in (I assume, when school starts and my room mate moves out), this will be easier.
Work out.

This one is not working out (lol puns) so well. I had a gym membership, but I cancelled it because it’s 30$ a month and I wasn’t using it as often as would make it worth the money. However, this won’t keep me from working out with the right will power. I have 8 DVDs, a ball, a step, weights, a yoga mat, and all of the internet to help me. I can do this, if I wanted to. But I haven’t worked out in the past week as far as scheduling it. (I have, however, helped clean house and do things like taking the stairs. OH AND AT THE PARTY I DANCED SO HARD, MY ABS THE NEXT MORNING WERE LIKE, “HEY LADY WHOA.”)

Flesh out one of the many ideas I have for a book, and write a plot line.

AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I have so done this! And in fact, we still need to talk about it! However, for obvious reasons, I will not be posting it anywhere on the social media / networking world. Keeping my idea mine, and all that.

God, God, God.
My friend Lindsey and I are going to be going to her church together this Sunday, I think. I’m excited. Hope I like it. If not, I’ll be trying to continue to go either on Fridays or on Sundays to Joshua’s Crossing (my church). I definitely like them, it’s just a 20-30 minute drive one way. However, I do talk about God openly now. Someone told me the other day, I was beginning to sound too preachy for their tastes, and at first I wanted to tell them to deal with it (or apologize), but I just didn’t. I didn’t care. I’m not changing for the worse. I’m changing for the better. God has done NOTHING but good things in my life in the long run, and I’m not going to censor that for the sake of someone’s ‘Annoyances Meter’.

Complete at least two of these resolutions.

I’ve already been doing so much of them. I guess the idea of ‘completing’ can only be done if it’s a time-limit thing, but so many of mine are NOT limited to time. They are forever changes. So, I suppose I shall change this one to ‘Work on at least two of these resolutions each week.’

Well, there you have it Catie! I’ve done my recap. I will do it again in two days on Thursday, and it will become a ‘thing’. I know you said that you wanted to recap, too, so maybe Thursdays can be your thing as well. Who knows. 
Love you, B.