Dear Catie, Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

Some people think Valentine’s Day is Hallmark’s way of getting another holiday out of the year to sell cards to, that florists use to up the price in all floral arrangements, and for woman to ultimately guilt men and pin them up against their fellow men on ‘who went out with all the bells and whistles’.

Some people think Valentine’s Day is about celebrating that you’re with so-and-so for x-amount of years, and it’s another occasion in which the pair of you can reap the rewards by giving gifts to each other. An intimate gift exchange, so to speak.

I don’t care what other people think. I am going to tell you what *I* think, Catie.

Now, mind you, this is what I choose to make out of this holiday, and what I choose to celebrate. This has nothing to do with anyone else. This was not taught to me by anyone else. This is just what I chose to do because I want Valentine’s Day to be universal for everyone, whether you’re single or not.

Let’s focus on:


  • Valentine’s Day will henceforth be celebrated by myself and my own in a way which reflects how much we love everyone around us and others who have walked in to our life, either as new friends or old. 
  • We will celebrate that we are not alone — Not that we aren’t ‘single’ or ‘married’, but that we have people in our lives – friends, family, etc – that love us and value our place on this Earth. 
  • I want to celebrate the human connection. Empathy. I want to make sure to reach out to all that I can on this day to remind them that I think of them often and wish them love on another day that we are living.
I get what the people are saying when they want to celebrate another year with their spouse, and giving a gift to them. That’s fantastic. Celebrate your matrimony! However, that excludes people who are not in a significant relationship like that, and it makes some people of this group angry. Let’s not be angry anymore. It may not be the love you wish you had right now, but it is the love that you’ve got. 
Cherish each other. Cherish your friends. Cherish everyone who has impacted you, for better or worse, because you wouldn’t be where you are without them.
Happy Valentine’s Day.