Dear Miranda, It’s New Years Again…


Miranda, by now you know I LOVE to make New Years Resolutions. People can shit on NYR all day long, but they give me hope and motivation and a drive towards goals. They help me get my head straight for the upcoming year. They help me not feel defeated and tired and lost. And for fuck sake after 2016 I REALLY need some feel goods.

Here is the list:

  • More Oracle Card Readings/ More Zodiac study
  • Be a Better Parent
  • Kick the Negativity
  • READ!
  • Eat better, Drink more water, Work out


Zodiac and Readings. I am getting better and more in tune and it’s something that has given me a lot of clarity and guidance. I just need to stick with it and keep doing it. One of the things I have been doing and want to really try hard to keep doing is do the single card drawing a day. It helps me to get acquainted with my deck and it lets me know what I will encounter.

Next is being a better parent. I know this is super broad but that’s because what Emily needs from me fluctuates all the time. One thing I consistently suck at is being patient. I get really frustrated and angry with her often and its just not okay with me. I’m working on doing what I need to do to curb that, namely being mindful of it, but I am also trying to work with her. For example, Emily has NO ability to entertain herself (without the aid of an ipad/tv) and so she is CONSTANTLY on top of me needing my attention and wanting me to play with her. We can spend four hours together but the moment I stop she is instantly pouting and whining and nagging for me to play. And a very large key to me having more patience with her is not having her in my pocket 24/7. So right now I am trying to work with her on entertaining herself and engaging that imagination of hers without the help of others. I’ve generally worked on just being kinder to her as well. She is a sensitive soul.

Third is Kicking the Negativity. This is two fold. I am a whiner and a complainer. I love to bitch. I love to vent. It’s just… too much. My constantly being down on life and pissed at the world has started to drain me. And I also am very drained by everyone else’s negativity too. Seriously. I cant take anymore of everyone’s drama. So I am going to start kicking and cutting out negativity. I did this about 6 years ago and it genuinely changed my life. I think I have gradually slipped back into old bad habits, but no more! Good vibes, friend.

Reading! I want to set a reading goal, because I think it will be fun and why not. You want to do this with me?

Annnnd Lastly the dreaded Health goals. I’m just going to be real. I feel like shit all the time and I hate how I look when I see myself naked in a mirror. A bunch of my in-laws are training for tough madder and while I have told them “not no, but Hell no” to doing that (because it legitimately has ZERO appeal to me) I DID tell them I would eat better and work out with them.

I am scared.

Every time I have tried to lose weight in the past 3 years I have ended up discouraged and disappointed. I guess I am vain because it’s not just enough to be healthier in reality. I need to SEE something happening. It may be wrong in some way, but that’s the way it is.

We shall see how all of this goes…

❤ Me