Dear Miranda, Let’s explore Talking about it VS. Doing it.

In my bible study one of the questions was the job you dreamed of as a little girl. I couldn’t remember what job I wanted when I was little so I went with the job that I remember wanting when I got  a little older. I wanted to be in the Peace Corps. For as long as I can remember I thought that was the coolest job in the universe. I still do. So when it asked what my dream job is now I was tempted to put the Peace Corps, but the truth is, it wouldn’t be my dream job now. I would desperately miss my man and I could never leave my little one for long periods of time.

So I wrote that my dream job would be a caregiver of somekind, giving aid of some sort, helping out a non profit organization.

And then it just clicked. Like right that second. I stopped and went “Wait… why am I NOT working for a non profit. Why on earth did I not realize that finishing my Bachelors in Psych IS worthwhile. I’m going back to school. And I’m going job hunting.”

It’s crazy. I have always had a love for places that work with people in difficult situations. I am so used to talking about how great these places are and how cool it would be to work in a profession like that that I didn’t even consider it as an actual option. It was like a mythical creature. Awesome… and not real.

But it is real.

I interviewed with this place today. And I was told that I had the job as soon as my background checks cleared and I took my drug test.


Oh my God.  I am going to be helping kids that desperately need it. They may not want it, but they NEED it. And I get to do that and be paid for it. I get the privilege of serving these kids and doing something truly beautiful that fills my soul and they are going to give me money for doing it.


Guess I should reevaluate my life and figure out where else I’ve just been talking and really start doing.